Firstly, and more importantly the camp gives meaning to a long and hot summer to young children from deprived backgrounds. These children are from the poorest segments of Pakistani society and have two working parents who cannot afford to leave their children at home alone. For poor and unattended children the danger is drugs and beggar camps. In order to help parents to continue to earn, Innovators for Social Change organises a summer camp each year in the school. We call it the Sunshine Camp.


Secondly, Innovators for Social Change partners with the Fatima Jinnah University which offers a Master’s in Education to young women in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Senior students need to teach for one semester as part of their practical training. It is this resource that we target and the university sends us the graduating students for practical teaching experience. Since the sponsors are all educators, the students of the university are trained by the sponsors as they in turn teach the young students. There is learning and teaching going on all around.

This year Innovators for Social Change worked with Educacy Foundation to organise the Sunshine Camp.



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